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    My 12 year old son was diagnosed with a tumor in the anterior medial portion of his right temporal lobe at the beginning of April. We found it as a result of an MRI done after going to the doctor about odd headaches. He described the headaches as shocks of pain, though not electrical, coming in pulses sometimes with dizziness and once with funny vision. They came in waves of varying pain levels. I knew they weren’t like normal headaches and he has never had a lot of headaches, so I made a pediatrician appointment. Given family history of aneurysms, our pediatrician ordered the MRI as a safeguard and they found the tumor. All tests (neuro exams, EEG) have come back showing no impairment as the result of the tumor. Two doctors have classified the headaches as migraines probably not related to the tumor at all. They feel it’s just a coincidence that we found the tumor because of the migraines. No biopsy has been done and they say from looking at the MRI that the tumor looks “low grade and slow growing” (benign???). They also say it’s something that could have been there for a while. He still has slight migraines that can be controlled by Motrin, but those have all but stopped since school ended. Again, they can’t even say conclusively that the tumor and migraines are related.
    We have decided to go the route of surgery, which we had scheduled for the 12th of July. Now another specialist has been consulted and will likely be the one to operate given that he is much more experienced in this type of surgery. That is a good thing, but the thought of having to change the date again is so frustrating. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be as close to the 12th as possible since we are now looking at recovery time as it will relate to going back to school at the end of August!
    I’m very thankful for this site as a resource and as a place to find others who understand. I look forward to getting to know all of you as we continue on this journey.