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    Welcome to my little group David. It’s SO nice to meet someone else who shares my annoying issues! Life can get exhausting when you feel like you are all alone. Anyway thanks for joining and have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Maria…It is very nice to meet someone else that has the same issues. I don’t personally know anyone who has had brain surgery before….so this is so new to me. I talk to a lady from the gym who had her life changed by breast cancer….she’s going through that now, so we are kinda on the same timeline.

      I’m dealing with a lot of the same symptoms you are as well. It’s frustrating when people look at me…they assume I’m doing well and am “cured”. The nausia, tiredness, sick-feeling, and loss of balance say otherwise for me!

      • I know how you feel! I just want to tell people, “This isn’t the real me! I’m better than this, I’m happier and more energetic and out going,” you know? Its hard having a handicap that no one see’s. But I guess I just have to accept this “new normal” everyone keeps talking about.