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Hi Deb, Jaime!

Deb – Dilantin causes bone loss. When I told my dentist & gyne, they were both concerned about bone loss (used it for ~2 months). Since you were on Dilantin for a year and lost a lot of weight (and are you perimenopausal?) – that (or these) could also account for the bone loss. But in any event, if your neuro recommends something dfferent, I think that it is good your neuro is being conservative on this.

My side effects re keppra include occasional muscle pain, stiffness, fatigue/sleepiness mid afternoon in particular, heavy sleeper needing a solid 8 – 9 hours, much harder to wake up in AM, increased emotions & anxiety. But any of these could also be due to my (ex)mengioma and craniotomy, too.

I did take B vitamins and am not sure if they helped (yes and no) – but have read on the epilepsy forums of many for whom the Bs (especially B6) help. I am planning to purchase a whole food based form of B complex as the “chemical” form is missing the additional “nutrients” that are found in whole foods high in the B vitamins. I think the Bs help more than not for me.

Also, I drink a lot of water – to help metabolize the keppra.

I also have major weight gain following an initial loss following surgery 2+ years ago – and am an still trying to address it. Unable to link to keppra. I think that I lost a lot of muscle mass and therefore my metabolism slowed down (not to mention the menopause thing!). I am trying to find the right caloric intake/exercise mix. I used to be very active – bicycling several 1000 miles/year, running/walking, free weights, step/floor aerobics. Now I am walking, floor aerobics, lighter weights and bands (as unable to ride, run nor lift the weights I used to). But I am working on it! 🙂

Jaime – I like the crazy meds site – it cracks me up. But has a lot of good info on it (altho have to search some for it). And, it also has a discussion forum on it so can research other peoples questions re the various meds. 🙂

Also – I recall a published study (in a med journal) that exercise while carrying weights (walking with a weighted vest was used) actually reversed bone loss in post menopausal women.

Bonnie 🙂