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Hi Deb, Jaime –

You both mentioned you aren’t sure whether it is the surgery or the meds which makes your brain feel “dumb” – I am guessing it is likely a combination as the side effects of the various meds are varied for different people, and the surgery does leaving lasting side effects. I’ve spent my 2-1/2 years since surgery trying to address the “dumb” effects – working on memory and cognition – reading, studying, research, learning new things, memory exercises, games – using the internet for much of this.

While I am still forgetful at times – esp. getting the wrong word or can’t think of a word (and my neuro has attributed this to my surgery and resulting scar) – my more significant on-going effects are the neuro-physical. I know my surgery/remaining brain scar are the cause. I’m just not sure how much the keppra contributes to this. If I was given a choice of meds, I think I would stick with the keppra. I’ve compared side effects and am dealing with kepppra’s. And, I respect my neuro who prescribed the keppra.

BTW – you can google keppra versus lamictal and find lots of discussion about these 2 meds.

Deb – you wondered whether your bone loss might be tied to a thyroid issue. Have you had your thyroid levels checked recently – have they been checked regularly so the current evels can be compared?

With my weight gain, I asked for another thyroid check (altho I do get them yearly anyway) – and they’re fine.

And you also mentioned you have new or additional BTs. What’s going on there – could they be contributing to your seizures, etc.?

Jaime – you mentioned dosage making a big difference re side effects. I agree. My dosage was increased due to small hand seizures & some other effects (auras). I plan to ask my neuro about reducing my dosage at my next appt (in a few months) in hopes that some of this fatigue can be reduced.

Hope you both are doing OK!
Bonnie 🙂