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Hi Deb –

You said:
“My neuro today told me that those things you wish to say to certain people when they irritate you or say stupid things, but you are able to “bite your tongue”, often come out on Keppra. He says you have a harder time on Keppra to watch what you say.”

In my case it was just the opposite! I experienced some effects from my BT that I really didn’t attribute to my BT until after my BT was gone and those effects began to lessen/go away. Specifically I had less patience and would say the types of things that I would not have said previously. Doing this was not usual for me as I am normally a pretty laid back person and not argumentative. But for several years prior to my diagnosis that began changing.

Interestingly, prior to my diagnosis I used to state that I had no symptoms which could be attributed to my BT (headaches, balance issues, etc.) – but realize now that there were some other types of symptoms due to my BT – especially as they are lessened or gone now.

Also, I had a lot of cognitive effects from my surgery but as I stated above, have been able to “retrain” my brain for the most part. What remains is most likely related to my surgery. Which has been a blessing as I, too, have a mentally challenging job. 🙂

To sum up what I do to help with the keppra side effects:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • No alcohol (actually my doc forbids as could cause seizure activity; also keppra drug warning against drinking alcohol as can increase keppra drowsiness side effect)
  • Exercise (including aerobic based) to help combat fatigue & lethargy, and stimulate brain
  • B vitamins – go for a biological based B complex. Rather than one mega dose –go with something closer to a recommended daily allowance formula and start with one dosage per day – can increase to 2 dosages/day (spread out) if feel you need it. B vitamins are water soluble, so taking too much will just be wasted as it is excreted by the kidneys.
  • I’ve read that many take extra B6 (I take the B complex at this point and will see how it goes)
  • Allow for at least 8 hours sleep/night – maybe will not affect you with the sleepiness side effect, but it does me.

Also – some on the epilepsy forums will not take the generic version (same for some neuros – will prescribe only the original keppra). I discussed with my neuro as I am on generic since it became available (cheaper). I have had 3 generics and have not noticed any differences in effectiveness.

Hope this helps. Thinking/sending you best hopes and wishes that the keppra works out well for you……………Bonnie 🙂