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Hi Jaime – yes, I agree my dosage is high! I am hopeful that I can go back to my previous dosage and hopefully alleviate some of the side effects.

As for the vimpat and sleeping, you probably need to let your body adjust to it. Could this also be due to the reduced dosage of keppra xr?

Perhaps you could also try some of the usual suggestions for falling asleep – don’t eat dinner too late, exercise earlier in the day, use your bedroom only for sleeping (i.e., no TV in the bedroom), have a cup of herbal tea (such as chamomile) or hot chocolate, keep your bedroom cooler, go to bed and get up at about the same time every day, read something calming.

Let us know how you are doing on the vimpat.

I think a lot of BT survivors do have seizures (based on reading other BT forums and epilepsy forums), but perhaps not necessarily those on IJB. Or, perhaps members do not find the seizures group as it is not apparent it (or any of the groups) exist. I’ve noticed that new members miss the forum and blogs because of unfamiliarity with the web site and will post their questions on their own wall.

Hi Deb – I missed responding to your question re how much water/liquids I drink. There are several factors as it is also dependent on your level of activity. Both liquids and water count. I probably average 11-12+ cups which include water, coffee, milk, yogurt/fruit smoothie using ice, juice, tea, sparkling water. I also eat a lot of fresh veggies & fruit which tend to have a higher water content. I drink extra water when I exercise outdoors compared to my air conditioned living room.

Take care…Bonnie : )