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Herb F

My trigeminal schwannoma, notoriously known for its slow growing nature, had apparently been there for my whole life, undiscovered until I was 59. But then, when it was discovered at over 3 cm, it was pressing on my brain stem and could have caused a fatal stroke, seizure, or heart attack. So I had surgery within a few days. About 85% of this benign tumor was removed and all MRIs since 6/6/12 have shown no further growth. Last week a neurosurgeon recommended having a Gamma Knife procedure done to get rid of the rest of the tumor to prevent it from ever growing back. I may wait it out on this one. The n/s who performed my original surgery doesn’t think any further treatment is indicated. And even the Gamma Knife doctor told me not to expect this procedure to alleviate the numbness on the right side of my face or the burning sensation in my right eye. So, Lisa, if your tumor is not more than 3 cm and is not pressing against the brain stem you may be a candidate for the Gamma Knife, which is non-invasive. I’m sure you’d get the best at Johns Hopkins. Welcome to the group!