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My grandmother was trying to be supportive the other day and told me that I was lucky that I had the kind of tumor (grade/location/etc…) and that God was looking out for me. I almost lost it. That kind of rhetoric is so nonproductive but people think they are giving you perspective or something. Like I need a freaking does of perspective? Most people in my life have been great and don’t offer anything other then encouragement. they don’t get specific, but my grandmother always finds the worst thing to say. She also told me I was lucky that I had good health insurance, wtf??? I don’t call finding a good individual policy at 25 and paying for it for 5 years w/o using it LUCK. I call that preparation and foresight that I hoped I would never need. This idea that we are somhow “lucky” really pisses me off. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate that others have it worse than I do at the moment, but that is life. That is like telling someone who was layed off and lost their retirement that they were lucky because they could have been killed in traffic accident. One has nothing to do with the other. We still have brain tumors which are exceedingly rare and potentially fatal. That is not any kind of luck that I ever wished that I would receive.