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Sonia J

I think for myself and my daughter the hardest thing is “Oh thank god is not cancerous.” Although we are indeed grateful it is not a fast growing tumor with dia and unpredictable a shot timelive, it is hard to hear those words, especially when I see the effects on how this Tumor has changed my daughter’s life. My Daughter has a possible DNET tumor, aout 4.5CM in size in her right Occipital, Parietieal lobe. She get headaced each and every day, at 13, could you imagaine, ready to start your teenage years and sometimeou get soo fatigue you can’t go out to play, you can’t hold your head up, or the tiems when she wakes up and temppary loses her vison, it does not matter if she has a non-cancerous tumor. Although she is thankful for all the good, it’s hard when your left side keeps having all these weid things happeninging to it and the doctors say, lets’ watch and wait to see if you have seisures or if there is growth….awwwww….it so hurts me for her. To all suffering forma Brain Tumor be it Beneign or Magliant, know this, a brain tumor once diagnosed is certainly life changing. No matter how, it changes your life. My neighbor has a beneign tumor as well and I knew this lady 10 years ago, now her life is so changed you would not believe, with all the changes daily in her body. I understand what people may mean but I say to everyone, in whatever moutain or journey you travel or climb on this road of a brain tumor, stay strong, positive and NEVER give up, and most of all continue to share your experiences.