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Jaremy L

I guess what I think is misunderstood is that people never really realize what exactly I have. They just assume if you have a brain tumor it is cancer.
I agree with everyone that has written here that if your tumor is just benign, then you should be fine after a brief recovery time. But this is not true and this bugs me as well as other here. Benign brain tumors aren’t cancer so it bugs me that they don’t really fit in the cancer category. Everything is about cancer and there’s no focus really on people that have had a benign brain tumor removed from their head.
I was thinking also what makes me cringe and I thought about when you are introduced to others at a gathering or party. There is always the question of “What do you do?” meaning in terms of a job or career. Because of this, it’s hard for me to be introduced or talk to others because I don’t really have anything interesting to say in terms of much of a job or accomplishments. There’s usually not much of a conversation that follows “What do you do?” and people quickly move off to talk to others. The general thought by others is probably something like “Why can’t he do a full-time job like normal people in society or live life like normal people? Then he might have interesting stuff to talk about and we wouldn’t want to meander away to others so quickly.” If you try to talk about your brain tumor, usually people don’t really want to hear about it.

So, just a little thought on the question.