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Beth Rosenthal

Hi Jason. I understand about the career question. I was too sick to consistently to work. Even w/ a college degree I wasn’t confident. I thought teachers passed me because I was sick & felt sorry for me. And now I’m on disability & I don’t know anymore if I could work a full-day. Children aren’t given much of a chance at anything. It’s tough.
Unfortunately, we need to learn to be proud of ourselves in other ways than just employment. Do you have any interests? When I felt like that, my mom used to say that I could make up something. Now that I started IJB, I educate about the lack of understanding about benign brain tumors. I won’t stay on the topic too long. But it’s too important. If people ran a hospital, were a surgeon, etc. they bring it up their serious occupation. So bring up your challenges, etc.. Surviving this from childhood is exhausting. So be proud of yourself.
I hardly had any emotional support since my diagnosis. People were there for the surgeries and radiation, but not so much w/ follow through. And I lived decades without that support. That’s why I started IJB.I started IJB when a brain cancer survivor referred to a benign tumor as the good kind. My confidence has skyrocketed running IJB. I’ve learned a lot about business, etc. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to educate about benign BTs and have learned to really value everything I’ve accomplished. Of course, I realise I’ve missed out on a lot and it’s sad. But educating about benign BTs is empowering. Obviously I bring up IJB, but I educate about all 1200 member experiences and how their life has been impacted. It’s an incredible feeling. I hope one day you’ll feel that.
So think about what you send out. You’re as important as everyone else. And braver.