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Ann G

Hi Jane,
I still have head pain 9 months later post surgery. From my forehead down to my right jaw 24/7, gets much worse when I eat & try to open my mouth & chew food. I’m irritable & very cranky with the pain since surgery…….My Neuro Dr. recently advised me to visit a Dentist? My head scar hurts, especially very much in the NY cold weather, it’s a very deep, deep ugly long scar. I’ve been told the pain is from scar tissue but I have had pain since day 1? I look online & see many women with this thin lace like scar on their foreheads. My M. was only 2 CM, Grade 1, but I’ve been left with a deep, deep crater in the top of my head, I catch my comb it constantly. I should have had it ZAPPED out, I have many, regrets with this surgery. I only had one opinion & feel now I should have taken a different course (Radiation) if possible maybe, I was told too close to the carotids & optic? I had my Surgery done in a NYC teaching Hosp, so who knows? A

I supposedly had one of the best Brain Surgeons in NYC, so can’t undersatand why, he said he had to cut through bone. I also have a titanium plate & screws to keep the bone flap closed