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Herb F

My trigeminal schwannoma was over 3 cm and I had few symptoms when it was discovered 5/31/12. Mostly my hands were getting painful to use and I had some balance problems. Once discovered surgery was a few days later because it was pressing on my brainstem and could cause a sudden heart attack or stroke. So weighing other options was not possible and surgery was on 6/12/12. My MRIs since then have shown no growth or change in the 15% percent of the tumor which could not be removed safely. Other than a profound tiredness which comes over me every day after lunch time, The right side of my face is numb, I can’t chew on my right side, and my ears ring constantly, all of which are things I’ve learned to live with. I also tolerate sudden twinges of shooting nerve pain, that comes and goes quickly. The lack of feeling around my right eye, however, is harder to deal with. It is a burning sensation, like getting soap in your eye, but gets worse with bright light and daily stress. So far, doctors have tried four separate medications to no avail. Gabapentin, Tegretol, Cymbalta, and Lyrica have all failed to ease this. Following my next MRI in February I am goimg to be looking into gamma knife surgery. My surgeon had initially intended to order radiation treatment for the balance of the tumor if it became unstable or started to grow back, but having a burn in my eye is anything but stable. I wear sunglasses over my regular eyeglasses much of the day.