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Mary B

I have these headaches too. I find that I process things much slower compared to before surgery(10/11). And the struggle to find words at times most frustrating. the acceptance of the new normal is hard: headaches, seizures, mental changes.. Actually, I am still trying to find my new normal, it is an evolving thing. I still am of work, not driving, due to seizures and have just recently been venturing out in public more. It took me months to want to even go to any place more public than my family doctor’s office(small office),: a trip to cleveland clinic amin campus, a large teaching hospital, was as intimidating as it gets. I would visit family and friends, as one feels “safe” with their acceptance of the changes. Am seeing aa neuropsych for first time. and having testing soon, ordered by NS and NO, to get advice on dealing, coping and compensating for neural defects. I also want to tell people that this is not the real me. On positive note, vision is much improved, after many months of it being worse than before surgery even.