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Pamela B

Just curious as to how you managed in school? Were you connected with the Department of Disabled Student Services to get accommodations? I started my second Master’s program 6 months after my tumor removal and could never have gotten through the program without the accommodations. Thinking back going through the program was crazy. Because school was always something that I excelled at, I thought if I can do this then I must still be “normal”, the same, whatever. Ha! I finished the program 3 years ago and never did get a full-time job with that credential, which is probably a blessing because things have seemed to get harder for me. I am also much older than you, 54 to be exact. 12 hours a week working is my limit and I do get to use my skill set from both my license and credential, but I struggle often. I am finally admitting to myself and others, such as my husband and family who I have kept in the dark about my difficulties that I am as capable as I used to be. I liked your analogy of running at 120% just to keep up with others 80% because that is what I have been doing and not letting others close to me know and I am tired. I asked my husband to buy me a GPS for my car because I have difficulty with directions now. This was very painful to admit. I have to say, this site has given me the courage and validation to finally realistically embrace what happened and be okay with it.