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Mary B

I find that my cognitive issues are the most difficult aspect to deal with, for me, a year and a half out from my craniotomy, with a partial resection of my cavernous hemangioma. So much of what you’ve both written here I can relate to and have the same, esp. the memory and word finding problems, as well as focus, attention and even reading comprehension at times too; I was also once an avid reader, now no more, can’t seem to get thru a book . It is all very frustrating and daunting. I cannot work as much as I did prior to surgery, nor can I continue schooling as I have wanted, was trying to do before my surgery. Maybe now a year and half out , I will think of trying again, as I find inspiration from your experiences here. I come from a hard science background in radiology, but now feel more of a calling in another areas, perhaps as a “patient advocate” for benign BT patients/survivors. That is sorely needed. thanks for expressing so well, what many of us do experience.