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Jennifer K

Hi everyone. My son, Jackson, had his tumor resection this past Thursday, July 19th. The doctors were amazing. The procedure took about 4 1/2 hours to complete. He spent a little over 24 hours in the pediatric ICU and then then almost 48 hours in the regular pediatric wing. We are home now and he is doing remarkably well. We are so blessed that he seems to have no impairment of any kind as a result of the surgery. He is on Keppra as a precautionary treatment, but very low dose, and we think it is only temporary as long as he does not show seizure activity. Post-op and staple removal is scheduled for the 30th. Thank you all for your insights, input, and support through our journey of deciding on treatment and leading up to the surgery. This site is a wonderful resource and refuge. So happy to have found it and you all.