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Misti Jo M

I am Misti Jo M. I am a separated mother of two. I have been sick for two years. First spinal cord tumor and tethered cord, on way to healing and now meningioma which I have surgery scheduled for removal for hopeful total excision on April 2. Don’t know much about what’s going to happen until my neuro gets back from where ever on earth he is, but I will find out plenty soon enough. Just tired of consistent diminished quality of life and severe daily debilitating headaches and facial swelling. There are alot of things Im tired of but I’ll leave it at that. I had to send my kids away because I can no longer care for them or myself. I cannot eat a meal without vomiting so I live off of shakes but they are nourishing and I can hold them down…need to make on soon. I have been diagnosed bi-polar since age 13. My spinal cord tumor had a small portion resected so to decompress my cord, but I have learned that it is actually a birth defect and the tumor is too large to remove due to damage that will be done to my spinal cord. Time will tell when the chair with wheels will be necessary and I am just not even worrying about that except how to pimp my ride. I hope that after I have my tumor Alfred removed and can get some normalcy back that I can get my children back (at least the youngest). I think the oldest is settling in where she is and is happy. I want to be the best mommy that any child could ever dream of having, the best friend that anyone could want and I want to just finally live after so many years of wanting to die. I live in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I want to travel though, but this will always be my home. I hope that in some way I can be an inspiration and helpful to others in ways I never thought possible.