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Hello all I go by Indy ;). Just diagnosed with a mass in the pituitary region… some say that’s not the same as a brain tumor but mine is causing neuro issues. I have only so far been told it’s a mass that has had a bleed. Consistent with a pituitary tumor. Looks as though it has invaded the maxillary sinus.
I have been so tired, not at all hungry, migraines, using opposites- like calling a spoon a fork, even though I intend to say spoon, fork is what comes out. Sudden anger for no reason. Terrible short term memory problems.
Seeing the neurosurgeon next week. Feel like all my years of knowing something was there, but being unable to get mri to prove it, are vindicated. ( have pacemaker, in a study evaluating mri use in certain instances. Lucky for the study. )

Oh… and I am 35. Usa. 🙂