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Tiffanie D

Hi Beth. I am new to this site. Thank you so much for your efforts in bringing awareness to benign brain tumors. In June 2012, I began having blurred vision in my left eye. I thought it was related to my sinus infection. I went to my eye dr, who then sent me to a retina specialist, who then sent me to a neuro opthamologist. By the time I saw the last eye dr, I had lost almost all vision in my left eye, and my right eye was beginning to blur. I was diagnosed in August 2012 with a pituitary adenoma. It was golf ball sized, resting on my optic chiasm (hence the vision problems) and had invaded my right spenoid sinus. It was also very close to my carotid artery. I had surgery (through my nose) to remove most of the tumor. I woke up with all of my vision restored. I was in excruciating pain for at least 2 weeks post opp. Since the surgery, I have developed joint pain that was horrific, headaches, sinus pressure, and thyroid conditions. I am now taking medicine for my joint and thyroid. I will have gamma knife next month. My tumor was “atypical” which means that it will likely grow back.
I have been struggling with the “being grateful” for survival issues. I am more upset that my life just one year ago was completely different. I am tired all the time. I struggle to get out of bed some days. I have trouble focusing at work.