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Anna-Stina T

I’m 37 and I live in Sweden (the Northern part of Europe). I was diagnosed with Cerebellum Hemangioblastoma and had surgery in April last year. Sweden is a small country (9 million inhabitants), and only 5-10 Swedes get the Hemangioblastoma diagnosis every year. Through my blog and in hospital I have been able to get in contact with a handful of those persons. But as a patient you always search for more information and want to learn from others who’s had similar experiences. I hope you all have patience with my incorrect English writing…. 🙂

Getting the diagnosis was a great chock (obviously). I had emergency surgery as the tumor had grown to a life threatening size and location. The operation was curative, and I was explained “cured” when I woke up. But my year have been all about coming to terms with what happened to me, and I feel so lucky that I survived. My perception of life have changed. I feel blessed, but at the same time scared and wierd. And I have been afraid of recessions.

After my first MRI after the surgery (in June this year) that showed I have nothing to fear in my brain, I feel that I want to – and is able to – lead a normal life, as the next person. Me and my fiance want to have kids, for one thing. Can my life continue now – after one year of “pause mode”?