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Candy W

Hi everyone..my name is Candy, and I live in Garland, TX, outside of Dallas. I was diagnosed a month ago with 2 meningiomas. Both are midline. One is 2 cm and is in the back. The other is smaller than that and in the front. I saw a neurosurgeon this week and he said he wanted to wait 6 months, do another scan and see if they have grown.
This is all so new to me and I have no clue what to expect. Since I don’t know what to expect, I don’t know what to feel. Do I feel hopeful, that it isn’t that big, and typically doesn’t grow fast? Do I feel scared because the bigger one is adjacent to the fine motor skills area and I could lose lots of that? Do I feel paranoid, just wondering how long will it be before they cut me open and do surgery that will make me have lots worse problems than I have now? The neurologist I saw in the beginning said it was nothing to be concerned about. That’s hard to believe.
It’s so weird to be having a really normal, great life and then all of a sudden, you find out you have 2 brain tumors, and well, they aren’t going to do anything about it right now, and you’re supposed to be OK with stuff growing in your head, not knowing what the outcome will be.
Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for being there, y’all.
Candy 🙂