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Philip J

hi beth thaks for the site i had no one to talk to or get advice my name is phil im 30 i had my tumor when i was 21 in the left front side of tmy brain on one paper they said it was a craniopharyngioma than on another it said epidermoid cyst i am noit haveing an easy time with it giot no help after except a couple of mri the docs in st.thomas are not that educated and dont tell me ,much my fam is very religious so they seeked answers from him/her i love my creator and all it just well docs are here for a reason i dont work much and haveing a hard time being able to take care of myself financially no insurance and evryone knowing my medicl bussiness didnt help with me and jobs im getting more and more isolated want to do less and less and find myself staring at a wall sitting in my room doing nothing but flicking through the channels for days all the anti deprssants make me feel much worse and docs down havent taken my headakes to serious my fam is hard working people that do everything themsellves them seeing me sitting around has made them how do you say disappointed i have not been able to get a girl friend since my fiancee left a cuple months after my surgery and married the first healthy guy she met i guess im just not into it like i was sometimes want to leave start a new life where no one knows me thanks again it was great getting that out thaks you are a blessing thanks .

my tumor was the size of a baseball