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Lisa M

Hello! My name is Lisa Morgan. I had a craniotomy for a hemangioblastoma last August. It was also in my cerebellum. It was 13 mm and was removed entirely. I am doing well and you will too! I still have chronic daily headaches and don’t feel like the person I did before surgery. Maybe I never will. Have been back to work since October. I don’t have the stamina or the balance that I once did. I have to daily remind myself of how fortunate I really am. I survived a brain tumor! Right? The psychological struggles are much more than I ever realized. I have received several follow up mri’s since and all looks good. There is a spot that they will continue to watch but I don’t have to go back to my neurosurgeon for 1 year. That is awesome! I have been looking at my life day to day since surgery (or really since my diagnosis). To think that I can’t look out a whole year now is so exciting. That almost sounds negative but I guess when you go through such a traumatic thing and your life changes instantly, that is a natural way to think. I wish you the best. I am 48 years old. I have 4 children – 2 natural and 2 step children. I am so blessed. I look forward to having grandchildren in the future. For you to be looking at having children is such an exciting thing! Live life to the fullest! Not one of God’s children knows how long their life on this Earth will be. God Bless!