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Victoria B

I am a survivor. This all happened so fast that my head is still spinning. I was in travel status on May 14 and got sick with food poisoning. Since my blood pressure runs so low I passed out while i was being sick in the hotel bathroom. When i woke up and saw the puddle of blood I knew I needed help (something I don’t normally ask for under any condition). I called my supervisor and he and his supervisors showed up at my room and said I had to go to the hospital since I lost consciousnous (sp). The ambulance was called and arrived within 5 minutes. They strapped me to a gurney and said hospital is the right choice. They loaded me in ambulance and the driver must have been an idiot as he was in a huge hurry. He jumped a curb and made a hard u turn so i looked at the emt in the back with me and asked for a puke bag. She handed me one and since you cant lie flat on your back and puke i got up on my right elbow and leaned over the side to be ill. now why the emt permitted this i have no idea but i did get sick and again passed out with my mouth crashing down on ambulance railing and cracking all my front teeth. I get to hospital and they do a CT scan of my head to make sure I didn’t harm myself when i passed out and hit my head. The ER doc came in and said you didn’t hurt yourself But you have a tumor on your pituitary gland that is about the size of a plum. I couldn’t think clear other than i want to go home. The next morning i flew home and my daughter picked me up and took me straight to a ER here. They admitted me and now more than a month later I am home with 90 percent of the tumor removed and looking at 5 radiation treatments in the next week or so. The vision in my right eye is blurry and the right optic nerve had to be peeled off the tumor. Left one was just pushed aside and at least my carotids weren’t involved. I sit here and realize that I have lost a month and am not sure of all that happened. My daughter is keeping me sane and i’m glad she lives with me though I hate being a burden to her. So how long before things get normal again?? How long before they let me drive again?? When is it all real??