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Michelle R

Hello Everyone:

My name is Michelle and I was just diagnosed with a tumor on the pituitary gland on June 20, 2012. The PA said I had a glioma, but the endocrinologist also said that I have something called Partial Empty Cella syndrome. He didn’t mention a glioma, so I am a little confused.

The way I was diagnosed goes as follows: Around May 14, I was getting help with chronic sinusitis. I had a tight feeling in my head, as well as inflamed sinuses, sinus headaches and ear drainage. Nothing they did seemed to help. The doctor ordered an x-ray, which didn’t show anything.

Fast forward to June 14, 2012. I got a severe case of vertigo. Another doctor had put me on meclizine, which helped for a while but I thought gave me another headache, so I didn’t take another dose on Sunday. Well on Monday, the 18th the vertigo was so bad that my Mom called 911 and I was rushed to the ER. The ER doctor came in and told me that my CT Scan looked normal and that I could go home. I then told him “I haven’t felt normal since before 05/14/2012. I have had a tightness in my head, chronic sinusitis, ear problems, etc. and no one has been able to give me a straight answer as to what is going on”. He then told me that I could be observed overnight. The endo told me the next day that he saw something abnormal and that I should get an MRI (which I did).

Feeling pretty mad at the ER doc and the radiologist, I made a comment to the MRI tech. This is what she told me what might have happened: “The ER people most often look for trauma type things, such as a blow to the head, so they can sometimes miss the “small” things like a little tumor. They shouldn’t, but they sometimes do.”

The endo also said that I have a small tumor and that the tumor doesn’t grow very fast, but can present a lot of problems when it gets bigger. He also found that my thyroid levels were way off. He increased the dosage from 175 mcg to 200 mcgs.
So far, I have appointments with four doctors this month: The ENT (I have had ear problems since I was 6 years old. I have also had sinus problems recently, plus the ENT had to put in a tube that had fallen out of my left ear — something that has happened to me before).

I also have appointments with the endo, a neurologist and the opthalmologist (my vision seems fine right now).

What also happened was that my mother was put in the same hospital on the same week (but different days). It turns out that she also had a severe case of vertigo, but her CT Scan came out normal. It turns out that she has had to get her ear crystals realigned.

So I am processing a lot of emotions right now. Things seemed to be going well for me (I am learning guitar and was approached by the music minister of my church to play guitar. This will be such a huge step for me. Also, I was asked to coordinate the breakfasts/coffee hours at church).

However, the things that concern me are the fatigue and possibly losing more of my hearing (although that may not be related to the tumor) and possibly losing my sight.

The one thing that I consider to be good about this is that it finally now answers a lot of questions that I have been having for a long time. It seems that I had a lot of the symptoms (migraines, sinus problems, etc) that no one was able to connect and now the dots have been connected. I also consider this to be a blessing, although I just wish that people would understand what I am going through.