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Michael J

My name is Michael and I am 34 years old and come from the UK. I have had visual problems due to migraine for some time and eventually plucked up the courage to go for an MRI.

Thursday gone, I had a phone call from the ophthalmologist at the hospital; she asked me to come in so we could talk. When I arrived she informed me that me visual problems was related to migraine; an irregular blood vessel had not seemed to have repaired itself after a migraine event and its left me with a permanent aura in my lower left visual field.

However, there was more. She then went on to inform me that they had found a lump/tumour at the back of my head towards the middle(incidental finding), she went on to state that it looked benign as it was localised and was not putting pressure on anything important; hence the reason why no symptoms have manifested. The next step is to go see the neurologist next Wednesday to see what cause of action needs to be taken. Obviously I am concerned, questions need to be answered, such as how big? how long has it been there?, what type of tumour? Exact location? Is it growing? etc. I am a bit on edge till then, luckily the doctor took mercy on me and prescribed me some valium to keep me calm until the appointment. Any advice or support is much appreciated and like wise in time I want to offer the same to other people.