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Susan G

Hi Michael. I went through somethng a bit similar (all our stories are so different) that started four years ago. Seizures (smelling rubber) led to MRI led to identification of lesion, a year of differential diagnosis, finally surgury to remove the lesion, most of my right temporal lobe and finally find the culprit … a very slow growing Grade 1tumor. What I learned is that when the choice to make is not obvious, that can sometimes can be a good thing. A grade four tumor is going to require action. If we are lucky enough to have a low grade tumor that is not threatening our lives, we have to make choices that fit our personalities. Some of do better with uncertainty than others and that’s a factor to consider. A benign tumor can take decades if ever to get to the next grade … and a wait and see approach …. which may involve ongoing MRIs and maybe some seizure meds …works fine. For others like myself who do not handle uncertainly well, a surgical intervention that carried very little risk may be worth the peace of mind in terms of removing the tumor. I found it very important to have a doctor who I trusted to be completely honest with me about the risks and opportunities associated with my choices, and who I knew was not pushing any agenda of his own. I was very lucky to have him. . You know yourself better than anyone … and once you have all the information you can get .. you will make the right choice for yourself