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Jane K

Good timing for me, Teresa, as my beliefs are always tested, and I know God wants me to continue to ask. I’m very anxious as I approach the one-year anniversary of my craniotomy resection this weekend, and then wonder about the 2nd anniversary and so forth.

In my head, I worry about the tumor growing back, and the annual MRIs don’t seem enough to me, as I withdraw into my own solitary journey with this. Thanks for using the word “manageable”, as I continue to seek God’s replies or just anyone I meet when I mention brain tumor disease, along with a complex divorce, which I filed for after the brain tumor was removed because my husband did not care for me. I developed some hearing and vision issues in my aloneness and began a steady spiral downward with post-surgery health serious issues of Auto Immune Disease. I feel very much the victim here, and this year has been very telling in my Catholic faith.

I, too, have a long way to go with this anxiety that is never ending and psychologically draining. There is really nothing else to do but pray and escape for this is truly a challenge and there is no “new normal”. I cringe when I think about more surgeries and radiation therapy and compromised vision and hearing, but you know, I’m really not afraid of dying, as so many people are dying and lost in a lost world.

Bless you, Teresa, and please continue to check in, as you really spoke to me today of all days, when I needed it most. I actually go to Mary more often than most and pray on her strength, as I tend to draw strength from her.