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Faith… Hope… Love…and Strength. Four words mighty in power. I pray for strength for us to face our uncertainties and fears with as much grace and dignity as we can muster. I also pray for the understanding and support from our families and friends and employers, as well as for our understanding of the reactions of family, friends and employers/coworkers. It is hard, though, I must admit to remain upbeat and positive and to know who I can share private details with. Thank heavens I can share it all with God and He will listen and guide me as long as I am listening and following. Work hard to keep God close by. His help might not be exactly the answer we were hoping for, but that is when we need to keep the faith and the love for God strongest. Just my opinion and I don’t always do the best job at practicing what I am saying; however, I am doing my best and will continue to do so. I might rely on your posts to help me achieve that goal too. Hope