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Debbie H

Amanda, It has been about 16 months since my surgery. My migraines are definitely related to the brain tumor and surgery, I never had headaches prior to the surgery. My pain ranges from mild to very severe. It usually comes on suddenly, but sometimes I wake up with a dull ache and it gets worse as the day goes on. I read somewhere that B vitamins help decrease the migraine pain. I have started taking B6 and B12 and I do believe it has helped decrease the intensity. I take excedrin migraine or 3 ibuprofen when I feel a dull ache and that often time keeps it at bay. I have ended up in the ER with major narcotics and I hope not to have to do that ever again. Often I have to just go to bed for hours or days. I just hate it! Another thing that has helped is yellow/brown tinted sunglasses. Good luck. I hope some of this will help you. I just have to manage one day at a time.