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Lesley B

Oh boy! Headaches and migraines have been part of my daily life for over 40 years!

I think I have just learned to put up with their reality. Sure I have found some short term “cures” but I still frequently live my life, working, sleeping, trying to make myself sleep with the banging, pressure, nausea. I’ve had my surgeons tell me that migraines are not part of my after surgery life, while others agree it is related. Pain management…. I’ve tried clinics for pain management, various medications which make me feel over drugged… and cause mental brian fog (worse than I deal with all day long). One neurosurgeon put me on a combination of magnesium and b12 and folic acid….just as a preventative measure and that has become the cheapest way to avoid the start of the migraine day in and day out. I do find that sleep deprivation and stress have lots to do with the onset of my migraines along with humidity, smells, and lighting. Some of these factors are outside my control since i still need to work to support myself, but who has sick leave that can accommodate frequent headaches? Just thought I’d get this off my chest!