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      To answer Beth’s original question, I cope with the stress & symptoms in a variety of ways:
      – distract myself (with music, food, tv)
      – acknowledge how I feel instead of distracting myself & ignoring my feelings
      – discuss with therapist who works with a log of patients with brain injuries
      – write in journal
      – participate in support group
      – participate in discussion groups like this one
      – remind myself that the symptoms are normal, and do what I can to alleviate them or to minimize their impact. For example: when symptoms become more pronounced, I check to see whether I’ve become more congested. If so, I manage that with natural remedies or Sudafed. If over-fatigue has contributed, I adjust my sleep schedule. Taking action helps my outlook, because I don’t feel powerless.
      – I remind myself of the good things in my day…I write them in a journal.

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      I will reply but it will take me a bit because I have a hard time reading long paragraphs–the lines all run together. Could I ask you guys to write in shorter paragraphs?
      I’m glad to reconnect in this community. I’ve been away for awhile…

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      Jacqueline Harkins

      I am 2 years since my surgery where they were only able to remove 20% of the tumor so I followed with 6 weeks of chemo and then 3 blasts of stereotactic treatment. I was never told what to expect and each time I went to my neurologist and shared how I was feeling I would end the meeting asking if I was progressing normally and I would end up in tears. At this point I am still exhausted, stay in bed for 12-14 hours hoping to get some sleep in between the tossing and turning and worrying about everything under the sun. I have nighttime hallucinations and audible hallucinations and those don’t help my sleeping either. I am anxious about everything that needs Anything done and any decision made. I don’t leave my house unless I absolutely have to and I need a couple of days to prepare myself so I don’t panic. Based on my past I know that if I get in a panic or severely depressed if I isolate myself and allow myself to feel those feelings I can talk myself down until the next time. I need alone and quiet time regularly and I am able to because the kids are grown and there is no spouse. I constantly look online for any kind of lifeline to help me understand what to expect or anything really and there was nothing until I found IJB. Based on what I have read on your website, this is exactly where I need to be so I can begin to understand, accept and grow going forward. Sorry for the rambling. Oh and I also have a huge case of the “I don’t care”.
      Got any suggestions on how to get some back?

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        Beth Rosenthal

        Hi Jacqueline. I’m sorry life is so difficult right now. I understand the ” I don’t care” part of life. I was diagnosed at age 11, in 1986, & the side-effects from my treatment and the lack of info received from the billion specialists I’ve seen shocks me, has me depressed, & makes me very angry. Are you seeing a therapist? and/or psychiatrist? I think talk therapy helps A LOT. Or try to find a local support group, however many groups deal w/ brain cancer. I’m just trying to learn coping skills now. As I learn them, I’ll share them w/ you. For now…. I listen to music a lot, talk to my 2 good friends, and am trying to focus on the good things in my life. I have a great parents, beautiful home, good friends, am not starving, etc. I’ll never have children that are biologically mine, never have been able to work full-time, hardly remember what it’s like to be healthy and to use my left arm, etc. Try to look at what you have, as difficult as it is. But I urge you to get help for your hallucinations & lack of sleep. Insomnia is dangerous. Don’t let these doctors intimidate you. Never again will I not get my questions answered. And I tell a doctor my opinion of their work. I can’t tolerate it because I’m in the anger phase. Anyway, please keep me posted.

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      Beth Rosenthal

      Dealing with a brain tumor diagnosis is very stressful & causes great anxiety, among other things. What are some ways you’ve learned to cope with the stress and/or side-effects of your diagnosis?

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