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      Tiffanie D

      Hello. Our situations sound similar. My tumor was resting on my optic chiasm causing vision issues with both eyes, and extreme headaches. Mine also is invading my right sphenoid sinus cavity and resting near my carotid artery. I had nasal endoscopic surgery in September 2012. I will have a follow up gamma knife next month.

      My neurosurgeon was phenomenal. His name is Dr. Zipfel. He is at Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis. My vision has been restored. I have other issues related to my thyroid now, but I can see. I highly recommend him.

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      I am a 50 year old female. 18 months ago a sharp nurse practitioner sent me for an MRI for what I described as “pinging” that seemed to come from the middle of my brain. It’d been going on for years and had been dismissed by other medical professionals without any discovery efforts. Turns out it is a meningioma in a very bad location: next to the optic nerve partially encircling the carotid artery, etc. A significant problem is that the location prohibits surgeons from seeing the entire tumor and therefore removing it all. These tumors do tend to come back after surgery, apparently, and there is a significant chance a regrowth would be malignant. It is very slow growing and may well have been proceeding for 30 years or so. Nevertheless, if it continues, at some point it will either fully surround the artery or put enough pressure on the optic nerve to cause blindness.

      I have regular eye exams and MRIs (obviously). My research has shown that endonasal endoscopic surgery may be the best surgical approach, but there is limited availability in the US and it is extraordinarily expensive and likely not covered by insurance. Nevertheless, I’d like to know if anyone has any experience with this option – or with any other options for this type of tumor in this location.

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