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      Gisela L

      Since my surgery I can not stop thanking God for saving my life he gave me an opportunity the Dr say i should have die but God had other plans for my life and thank him for ever my children are so little and my husband is very young early thirty this as been a big trial but we still hanging strong, my husband lost his faith in God when is mother die in December of 2011 as been hard for him but God showing that he still love him he save my life. Glory to the most high God. May God help and strength each one of you that are going through it and your family he is in control just trust in him.

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      Jane K

      My lifelong Catholic faith has brought me through this, but now as I survivor, I rely even more on it. I have so much gratitude for the Meninigioma being benign, but need prayer for the lifeplan that is before me. I pray more for awareness in the medical and legal communities. I’m divorcing my husband because of his neglect during its growth (and for other reasons), and even lawyers could not understand and argue aggressively me for my future care.

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      On this day, God wants you to know ~

      That all emotions grow in size when practiced regularly. Practice love to have more love, practice hate to have more hate. Practice kindness to have more kindness, practice depression to have more depression. The choice is yours as always ~

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      A huge part of believing in God is having FAITH. FAITH brings religion to life…it gives power to our prayers. Hebrews 11:1. “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” When I become weak and allow my faith to go by the wayside, I lose hope and feel afraid. When I am strong and allow no one (not even myself) or nothing to sway me from God’s love, I am able to move mountains. I expect great things and great things come. Maybe not always in the form of the answer I prayed for and not always in the blink of an eye like I want, however, an answer none the less. I realize that life ends for everyone… all ages, all types of beautiful people, all different kinds of ways… I picture an everlasting life without the hardships and trials on earth. FAITH changes everything. I keep you close in my prayers. (My sister just started to encourage me to say The Lord’s Prayer at night to myself over and over until I fall asleep. I try to really feel the power in those words and find I am falling asleep faster…. and right now that is not easy with something going on that is flu-ish and feels like maybe bronchitis!)

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      I have commited myself to serving God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) with my life, but also follow His command that we not judge others who do not acknowledge Him. Having a relationship with God is a personal choice for each of us. For me, the precious gift of salvation brings incredible joy to my life in spite of the pain we often experience. I pray that you find comfort in your difficult times. {{{Hugs across the miles.}}} (Sorry, but hugs are typical here in the south 😉

      Have and wonderful weekend!

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      If you are at a place where it is hard to see the beauty all around us, this might just bring a smile to your heart. The last word “ALWAYS” … wow…

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      I hadn’t posted yet on this group, but agree with/relate to much of what you have all shared. I want to share a piece from Joyce Meyer that really speaks to me. Blessings….

      A Life of Hope, Vision and Passion
      by Joyce Meyer
      Do you know that God has high hopes and expectations for you? He does. The fact that He invested the life of His only Son to see you set free shows how precious you are to Him. God believes in you more than you do yourself!

      I used to think that God was disappointed in me when I made mistakes. But God knows every decision we’re ever going to make, He loves us anyway, and He knows that He can change us if we’ll stay in His Word.

      Perseverance Pays
      In the early years when we were building our ministry, Dave and I went through a lot of difficult tests. I needed to work on my attitude. We needed to work on our marriage and how we handled money.

      For six years I bought my socks and underwear at garage sales. We were totally broke—and I was teaching prosperity!

      Not only that, it just wasn’t popular for women to preach back then. We lost friends and had family members who didn’t want anything to do with us.

      It was just hard and sometimes I wanted to quit. But today I am so glad that I stuck with God because there are people all over the world who have been helped because of our ministry.

      Scripture tells us in Matthew 19:29 that anyone and everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for My name’s sake will receive many [even a hundred] times more and will inherit eternal life.

      I know it’s true because that’s what I’m experiencing in my own life right now. If we decide to trust God’s Word and never give up, we will have victory.

      Attitude Is Essential
      Our attitude has a lot to do with how God works in our life.

      God doesn’t reward a negative attitude or self-pity or an “everybody owes me” attitude. Nor does He work through laziness or passivity. God works through faith, but we need to have faith before we can even have hope.

      Hope is really a positive attitude. It’s expecting that something good is going to happen in your life. God wants us to be prisoners of hope. In other words, He wants you to believe He can change whatever needs to be changed and that you can do whatever needs to be done.

      Pursuing God’s Passion
      The Bible teaches over and over again that we’re to help hurting people. I believe that’s God’s passion. He wants us to enjoy our lives and He wants us to have nice things, but He also wants us to remember the poor, the lost and the needy.

      Sometimes we don’t realize that one person can really make a difference. We can inspire the people around us just by making right choices. And we can change the world through our prayers, our giving, and by reaching out with the love of God to those who are in desperate need.

      You and I can fulfill God’s vision for our lives by living with expectant hope and being passionate for the things that He is passionate about in life.

      ……and, here is a song/video which I think fits in:

      Light up the sky by The Afters:


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        Bonnie…. Thank you! I l truly enjoyed the Joyce Meyer piece you shared below! And, wow, the music and lyrics to Light Up The Sky, by The Afters will go on my mp3. It is so beautiful…made me cry; however they were tears of joy. Thank you so much. … Hope

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      Faith… Hope… Love…and Strength. Four words mighty in power. I pray for strength for us to face our uncertainties and fears with as much grace and dignity as we can muster. I also pray for the understanding and support from our families and friends and employers, as well as for our understanding of the reactions of family, friends and employers/coworkers. It is hard, though, I must admit to remain upbeat and positive and to know who I can share private details with. Thank heavens I can share it all with God and He will listen and guide me as long as I am listening and following. Work hard to keep God close by. His help might not be exactly the answer we were hoping for, but that is when we need to keep the faith and the love for God strongest. Just my opinion and I don’t always do the best job at practicing what I am saying; however, I am doing my best and will continue to do so. I might rely on your posts to help me achieve that goal too. Hope

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      Claire D

      I visited church on and off throughout my life, but the weekend after I was told I had a tumour I needed to go to church.
      when I arrived at church it was raining, i went in & shared with everyone, we prayed and cried, and talked. When I came out the sun was shinning. I knew then that everything would be OK.

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      Penny H

      I am always praying for my grandson. I have been a bit taken back by this quick recurrence of his tumor, but will continue to pray and believe God will handle it. I cling to Jeremiah 29:11. It is one of my favorite verses.

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      Debbie H

      I enjoyed reading everyones comments. It is amazing how God can use each one of us in our circumstances. Dianne, I have heard of all those artists except the first one. And I have seen Chris Tomlin in concert, as well as Casting Crowns who I also love. I am sad to see that you will lose your eyesight in your left eye. I have issues with my left eye also, as my tumor was on the occipital lobe of my brain. I do not take any of Gods beauty for granted!
      My pastor always told me that “God does not waste a hurt. Keep your eyes and ears open, because He is working all around you.” My hope is that we can reach out to those who are hurting and need to have the peace that only Jesus can give. I don’t know where I would be without him. Looking forward to more discussion here.:)

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      Rhonda K

      I have lost both parents since my brain tumor in 2006, it seems like through all of that I just keep getting closer to God. I have a few relatives that are angry (lack of a better word) with God as we just lost our Mom about 2 weeks ago—total surprise! I thought that my BT was going to be the toughest thing I would have to deal with but the loss of my parents is worse. God will not give you more than you can handle so now I’m screaming UNCLE because I can’t handle any more. I put my trust in the Lord and as I trust him he still wants me to do the hard work to regain some function back.

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      Rose H

      Glad to be part of this discussion group. My relationship with Jesus Christ is certainly central to my life and has been my main source of comfort during my brain tumor struggles. I take comfort from knowing that God is in control of my life and nothing is a surprise or shock to Him, including my three brain surgeries. Overall, I would have to say that I am less “religious” than I was before my brain surgeries. My life revolves around relationship with God more and less around the do’s and don’t of religious observance or outward religiousity. I rely more on God and His Ability and less on my strength and ability. Brain surgeries have taught me a lot about just letting go and letting God.

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      I also rely of the sovereignty of God and accept the gift of salvation through grace. The incredible power He poured out on me through my recovery 7 years ago keeps me positive toward the inevitable treatment necessary for this second tumor. Knowing that I will lose vision in my left eye is certainly unsettling, but I will not be stopped in sharing the peace that passes all understanding while we endure painful times in our lives.

      P.S. Mark Schultz’s music is great! Have you ever listened to Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Third Day, or Ginny Owens? They are wonderful artists as well.

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      Debbie H

      Everyone has a different circumstance and a different journey. I would not have gotten through my brain tumor journey without my church family and God. I could feel their prayers and I was just at peace throughout the tests and even preparing for surgery. I listened to Mark Schultz music in the headphones while I had my MRI’s. He is one of the best Christian artists I have ever heard. I think that my experience helped me to really see that prayer works! It has not all been easy that is for sure, but God has always there for me through it all.

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      Beth Rosenthal

      General comments, thoughts and ideas concerning your religion or lack thereof.

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