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      Ann M

      Robin, Hello. I also have a meningeoma which was diagnosed in 2011, I had immediate surgery and then thirty days of radiation. I think you need to ask questions and get as much info as possible to understand this unbelievable diagnosis.I don’t think anyone is prepared for hearing that you have a bt. You need to be an advocate for yourself. I can tell you that we have different tumors, location and at different points of our journey. I think we would all tell you that acceptance is the first step, giving yourself the right to feel, and know that time definitely helps. We all deal with fear, which ebbs and flows, but we are all here to support you. Do take care and if I can help, just email me. ann m

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        Robin T

        Thanks, Ann. I did get my MRI report and it is listed as very small “probable” meningioma in the superior anterior frontal lobe. OK, I accept that but, honestly, since I learned of this one week ago my head has felt “different”, tight almost and I don’t want to become so looney that every pain I think is associated. I do not have another appointment, except for an aspirin sensitivity test to monitor my aspirin intake for the “old” stroke lesions they also found, until April.
        Obviously, if you had surgery your tumor must have been compressing brain tissue–may I ask why the radiation after? to “kill” what couldn’t be excised? Are you feeling better now? Yes, fear looms large in the dark of the night, doesn’t it?

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      Robin T

      Just diagnosed last week with a meningioma–was so surprised I don’t even know where it is located but I do know it’s “small”. Also, as a little side event, was told it appears I also had a stroke–an old one. Don’t know if the two events are linked.
      The tumor will be watched, of course, but my question is: just how do you go about your daily routine without this overtaking your every waking thought and waiting for the other shoe to drop.
      Right now I don’t know how long this meningioma has been there so I don’t know if it’s grown from its original size or how much longer it will stay that way–as no one else does either, I guess.
      Thanks for any encouragement.

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