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      Margaret W

      To be safe I myself would feel better if a neurologist looked at the image. They are better trained to tell if it would be better to get out now when it’s small depending on where it is and if it’s in a dangerous spot to let grow. Good luck whatever you choose.

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      Robin T

      I was diagnosed about three weeks ago with a meningioma. The radiologist report states that it is a 1 cm. meningioma in the left hemisphere. We have no idea how long it’s been there, because I’ve never had any previous MRI’s.
      All I know is that since it is small (and I’m not showing any symptoms) my doctor suggests that I get another MRI in 6-12 months, to see if the meningioma has grown.
      Since “there’s nothing that should be done now”, I just don’t know what other questions to ask my doctor.
      (This is my primary care physician, who I trust very much, so at this time, I don’t feel like I need to go see a specialist)
      Any suggestions? Also, need ideas for coping with this emotional news. (I had the MRI to rule out something else, not related at all, so I was shocked when I got the news)
      Robin T

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