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      Jane K

      Good timing for me, Teresa, as my beliefs are always tested, and I know God wants me to continue to ask. I’m very anxious as I approach the one-year anniversary of my craniotomy resection this weekend, and then wonder about the 2nd anniversary and so forth.

      In my head, I worry about the tumor growing back, and the annual MRIs don’t seem enough to me, as I withdraw into my own solitary journey with this. Thanks for using the word “manageable”, as I continue to seek God’s replies or just anyone I meet when I mention brain tumor disease, along with a complex divorce, which I filed for after the brain tumor was removed because my husband did not care for me. I developed some hearing and vision issues in my aloneness and began a steady spiral downward with post-surgery health serious issues of Auto Immune Disease. I feel very much the victim here, and this year has been very telling in my Catholic faith.

      I, too, have a long way to go with this anxiety that is never ending and psychologically draining. There is really nothing else to do but pray and escape for this is truly a challenge and there is no “new normal”. I cringe when I think about more surgeries and radiation therapy and compromised vision and hearing, but you know, I’m really not afraid of dying, as so many people are dying and lost in a lost world.

      Bless you, Teresa, and please continue to check in, as you really spoke to me today of all days, when I needed it most. I actually go to Mary more often than most and pray on her strength, as I tend to draw strength from her.

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      Teresa S

      I am very strong in my beliefs. I will admit that I did not become this strong until after I was home in 1994 after my 1st brain surgery. But it was while I was watching a movie on the religiious channel one morning about a story on Corrie ten Boom that I got my first sign that God cared and still cares.

      My left eye had numbness to it due to the brain surgery and everything involved. No tears, no fluid, no nothing. I couldn’t even cry right! But when I started crying during this movie, my left eye opened up and I unleashed such a torrent of tears I knew it had to be from God himself. The doctors had told me I would probably never be able to produce tears from that eye and God had just proven them wrong.

      At that point, I got on my knees and said to God, “I know I have a long way to go, but all I am asking is that you make this manageable”. Not cured, not easy, but manageable. And God has been Faithful in His reply. Ever since that day in 1994, my Faith has become stronger. Has it been challenged? Definitely. But God has always come through just like He promised He would. I’ve had a rocky road since then with more surgeries and radiation therapy and compromised vision and hearing. But I know that I can always count on God and that He will always be there for me no matter what.

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