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      Shari B

      get a second opinion quickly! My original tumor was right frontal 2 cm x 3 cm.

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      Terri L

      Hi Mark – my Neuro doctor also told me not to worry – yes, the little bugger may only be 7 mm in size, but its the fact that something growing in my brain that is not supposed to be there is a big deal – no matter what the size! I too am interested in learning just what constitutes a large enough tumor to be taken out? My doc says that the “risk outweighs the benefits” right now. Ok, so its not an emargency, not life threatening, but still VERY concerning!

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      I understand your concern about the size of the tumor. My experience has been that patients/survivors compare theeir tumors to fruits or athletic balls–some people have a sense of humor! Mine was said to be the size of a tennis ball or a small orange. Consult with your doctor/surgeon as to how the size, type, location will affect you and what ALL the treatment options are for your case. Please, let us know how things are progressing.


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      Beth Rosenthal

      Hi Mark. I’m sorry to learn of your diagnosis. I wouldn’t try wondering how big your tumor is. I would make sure that you picked the absolute best doctor and read up on the best ways to treat it. Try to be as knowledgeable as your doc. Some doctors can be cocky and arrogant. Keep them on their toes and push them to be better than they already are.
      I was diagnosed with a benign brain stem glioma when I was 11, in 1985. Although I have numerous side-effects, I realize now that my parents picked the best doctor. I started this site because there wasn’t any support for those diagnosed with benign brain tumors then and many people still don’t understand that “benign” in the brain is serious. You can count on us for support.

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      Mark S

      Hi Beth and everyone
      My name is Mark (30). I live near Windsor in the UK. I was recently referred to a neurologist by my GP following exercise induced migraines, dizziness, numbness with poor reflexes down the left hand side and rapid weight loss. This was on top of erratic blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat which I was under a cardiologist for.
      Following my consultation with the neurologist I was sent for an MRI last week. The results came back this week and it shows a tumor, which the neurologist believes to be benign, on the brain stem. I am due to go to a neuro surgeon on Monday to discuss what can be done but I did ask the neurologist how big the growth was. He declared it to be the size of a large walnut, which he went on to say was “not that big” and “try not to worry” – yeah right!
      So I am now sitting here wondering what would constitute a large tumor. OK, in isolation a large walnut is not that big. But in my head – which is not the biggest head in the world, even if it has been described as vacuous by loved ones in the past, surely isn’t small. I guess I will know more Monday but if any of you could share some insight into what size a tumor needs to get to be considered large, I would be most appreciated.
      Will let you all know how I get on and look forward to speaking to you all over the coming months.

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