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      Shari B

      My name is Shari. I am a survivor. I am in remission for the 2nd time. Initially in 2003 when my tumor was discovered, I was also told it was benign but later found out that is actually slow growing. I had a partial resection surgery. in 2003 needing no treatments just continual MRI’s for 5 years until it recurred in 2008. I had surgery again only I had 6 weeks of radiation and the chemo pill Temodar. After that I had 6 months of the chemo pill Temodar just as a precaution.
      They need to be honest with her benign is not the correct wording. It’s actually slow growing it should not be ignored. Agree anyone ? I have my quarterly MRI on July 5th so it is a continual process.

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      Kasi K

      My husband had an MRI March 12 and we were told he had what was probably a glioma. We were told to be as aggressive as possible and he had surgery to remove it two weeks later. He was diagnosed with a Grade II Oligoastrocytoma. We are going in for his first follow up MRI in July and then every 3 months. I would at least get a second opinion and do what feels right to you. We were not comfortable waiting and watching because some gliomas can be very aggressive and without a biopsy it is impossible to know what you are dealing with. That is why we went the route that we did.

      The only “symptom” that my husband had was a possible seizure at work. Nobody saw what happened. He was found unconscious by coworkers and rushed to the ER thinking he had fallen and hit his head or something.

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        Mandy A

        Hi Kasi
        Where was his tumour?
        How is he following surgery>
        I believe you’re from US? I think they tend to operate more than UK.

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          Kasi K

          His tumor was in his right frontal lobe. He is doing very well now. He had very few surgical complications and was out of the hospital in 2 days! I am from the US and we were lucky enough to be able to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota which was wonderful.

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      Beth Rosenthal

      Hi Mandy. I’m sorry to hear about your son. I think there are a number of members on “watch & wait” here on ijb.org. I know this is a scary diagnosis but, it’s better to hold off on surgery. Being a childhood survivor myself, any effects he has will impact his education, career, relationships, and retirement. And he’ll probably have some side-effects from the surgery that will affect his entire life. There are no guarantees with brain surgery and you can’t undo it once done. Advancements happen everyday, so why not wait for something even better than used today? Good luck.

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        Mandy A

        Thanks Beth
        You have put some perspective on it for me.

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      Mandy A

      Hi everyone
      My 22 year old son, Ross was diagnosed recently with what they call ‘a type of Glioma’ in the left frontoparietal area.
      From the MRI the Neurosurgeon and Oncologist say its benign and probably been there 10-20 years.
      I dont really feel very happy not knowing the exact tumour type but they wont do a biopsy or operate as he has no symtpoms other than the odd seizure (now controlled on Lamictal).
      Its ‘watch & wait’ – Its in an important part of the brain too.
      I see their point but am worried that taking no action will eventually make matters worse. His next MRI is September (6 months on).
      Is anyone else in this position?

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