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      Linda W

      I have just came from a Nerou-Opthamoligt (she works for the John Moran eye center) this past week. The headaches that I’ve been struggling with turned out to be migraines. I was wearing sun glasses with a patch on the glass part of my left eye because any sunlight would tip me over the edge. She gave me a prescription for glass lenses called FL-41 it is a special tint made for people with migraines. She also has me use I drops (any of the counter ones without preservatives) any time my eyes burn even if it has only been 30 seconds form the last time I put them in. One of the best things is the refresh pm gel that you buy over the counter it is an ointment and stays on the eye longer and help sooth my eye. Good luck.

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        Debbie H

        Thank you Linda! I also saw a neuro-opthamologist several weeks ago after reading about it on this site. I pretty much had the same things given to me. Although I do not have to wear a patch due to light, thank goodness. That has gotten better with time. When I am having a migraine however, I cannot stand any light at all.

        I have been using refresh drops but the gel sounds great. I might try that at night. My doctor tole me that the flashes of light are also migraines. You can have a “migraine” with or without a headache. Interesting. Thanks again for your reply and I wish you luck!

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      Debbie H

      I have never had headaches, much less migraines until after surgery and radiation for my brain tumor. Since my tumor was on my occipital lobe, my symptoms are mainly with my eyes. What I have are “flashes” like a strobe light in my left eye. That is my aura. It might last a few minutes to a few hours. The trigger is bright, direct light. Sometime it is so bad I cannot see in half my visual field. Then, the lights stop and the headaches come. Always starting in my other eye. The pain is so severe I feel like my eyeball will literally pop out if it doesn’t stop.

      Thank goodness, I now have Midrin to take when the flashes of light start and that helps to keep it to a minimum. Prior to this medication, I would end up in the ER after 3-4 days of pain, needing IV medication. I don’t want to have to do that ever again!

      Has anyone else out there had a tumor in their occipital lobe and have to deal with these flashes of light issues? The doctors can’t tell me if it is permanent. It is very annoying. The flashes and streaks of light happen 10-40 times a day. I am on depakote which is to keep me from having seizures or migraines after the flashes of light occur. Apparently my brain cant process the flashes and thinks the next thing its supposed to do is have a migraine. I know lights are my trigger. I wear sunglasses as much as I can. I have dark shades all over my house now. I am a teacher so I have to be in a classroom with fluorescent lights.

      I would love any suggestions on how to reduce the auras (flashes of light) and thus not have to suffer with the migraines.

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