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      Mary B

      What an amazing perspective to feel having tumor, surgery, ect. is a blessing….has really given me something to think about, as well as “why not me?”. I do feel that prayer has been a large part of my survival and recovery and that the Lord has really seen me thru. My faith is strong, but I’ve viewed it from the perspective of God being able to bring blessing thru this, or in spite of it, but never that is was one in itself. almost can’t wrap my brain around that. Guess my faith isn’t as strong. and wow, 3 surgeries,God Bless you! One was enough for me, and I do now regret even that one; I’ve told my NS, that even to my detriment, I would never have another.

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      Jane K

      Seriously! I’m often thinking “Why me, Lord?” But then I say to myself, “why not me?” It gives me a chance to take stock, feel blessings that I have and will continue to have, and pray onto recovery. I’ve only had one surgery and the first year anniversary of that will be this June. I don’t know how I’d feel after 2 or 3 surgeries. Very relieved to have focus on God during this and trying to find the new normal. If I wasn’t spiritual, this would not be in the least doable.

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      Laura M

      I have known the Lord since I was a teenager. Even when I was diagnosed I didn’t really go to Him that much. I did often wonder God why did this happen to me? After my 3rd surgery, my eyes were opened to really focus on God. I have been so blessed, it’s amazing! The Lord is what gets me through everyday.

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