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      Shari B

      I had sterotactic surgery for both of my surgeries. IT’s brain mapping and as accurate as they can get. The head has pins screwed into this scary contraption. The camera is inserted into the main artery to the brain for pictures and a biopsy, a CT and MRI are taken with the contraption still attached. OMG painful removal.

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      I encourage the posters on this forum topic to research Stereostatic Radiosurgery and/or Gamma Knife treatment for tumors. Once you feel you understand enough to discuss it with your neurosurgeon – do so. They may not propose this option if the equipment is not available in your locale. Look at this option even if you have to travel to get it. It worked great for me and was noninvasive and I had no side effects. These methods use focused radiation beams to induce a high dose to the tumor cells to kill or disrupt their ability to divide while sparing the normal tissue by making sure it receives a lower dose. Accuracy and procedure planning is critical. The method is good for treating small tumors and those that are deep and inoperable.

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