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I’ve read that sugar feeds on cancer and makes it grow. Does sugar work the same way with a benign brain tumor, specifically a meningioma?


The belief that sugar feeds cancer and makes it grow is actually somewhat of a distortion of the facts. While it is true that cancer cells use glucose as fuel, so do all the other cells in our bodies. All carbohydrates in the foods we consume get converted to glucose through the digestive process and then enter the blood stream to be used as fuel by our cells. This is true for all types of carbohydrate – complex carbohydrates also known as starches and simple carbohydrates also known as sugars. Foods that are high in sugar and low in fiber and water tend to be higher in calories and may cause weight gain if eaten in large amounts. Being overweight can increase risk for some cancers but not brain cancer. This means that sugar does not “cause” cancer cells to grow, nor does it “cause” benign tumors to grow.

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