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Is there such a point where a pain medication, Neurontin, it the highest level possible for effectiveness? I am on 3400 mg/day and different strengths are spread throughout the day. Is it possible to develop a tolerance so that the effectiveness becomes lessened?


The bioavability (the amount in the bloodstream) of both Neurontin (gabapentin) decreases with increasing dose, so increasing the dose may not have a significant impact. The effective dose can vary significantly between individuals so it generally needs to be titrated,  based on it’s effect. With any medication there can be tachyphalaxis  (decreased effectiveness of medication overtime with use) can develop but, is not frequently reported with gabapentin.


(3 divided Doses) BIOAVAILABILITY

900 milligrams 60%

1200 milligrams 47%

2400 milligrams 34%

3600 milligrams 33%

4800 milligrams 27%

(Prod info Neauronlin(R), 2002)

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